Blutonium Boy

The career story of DJ SESSION ONE aka BLUTONIUM BOY begins in a small club in South Germany. In 1988 he began to play in clubs for more than 2500 people. His gigs were so successful that rave organizers and clubs from foreign countries started to book him. His talent became known in many countries all over the world. The real success of DJ SESSION ONE aka BLUTONIUM BOY began in 1997 togehter with founding his own record label called Blutonium Records, later Blutonium Media Germany with 7 sublabels. His first single on BLUTONIUM REC.- Dreams In My Fantasy (1997) was promoted and distributed by Major Company East - West / Warner with a video on VIVA TV, a lot of Radio, Print- and TV advertisement. Next singles Be In My Dream (1998), Ocean Of Emotion (2000), No Gravity (2001), Journey Through The Time (2001), Dreams In My Fantasy 2003 (2002), In The Way (2003), Forever (2004) consolidated high position of this talented DJ and producer. BLUTONIUM BOY, his second DJ synonym (for Hardstyle, Progressive Trance, Hardtrance), was after the first record release Brainshooter growing and growing like crazy. Trancin' Your Mind, Higher Level , Go Burn A Fatty Ass, Make It Loud, Hardstyle Instructor, Follow Me, Paranoid, Bullshit, Turbodüse, Hard Creation“, Floorkilla , Hardstyle Instructor Part 2, „Hardsytle & Acid“, „Acid & Bass“ and „Alarma“ are the latest releases of Blutonium Boy. At present you can find DJ SESSION ONE and BLUTONIUM BOY + different production s...

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