There are 2 bands listed on this page - Blyndsyde (UK) and Blyndsyde (USA). Blyndsyde (USA) are a Metal band from Leesport PA. Blyndsyde (UK) are a technical rock band from the UK. BLYNDSYDE (UK) Blyndsyde were a technical rock band from the North West of England, hinting at Rush/early Yes, with very strong and original vocals by their pretty female vocalist Paul van Wijngaarden. Their debut album Into the Storm of the Eye was released in Feb 1993 and was engineered by Roger Boden (who has produced Charlatans/Stone Roses). They gigged extensively and supported bands such as Pendragon, The Enid and IQ, and earned a lot of respect from fanzines with their powerful and extremely tight live performances. Band Members Paul Van-Wijngaarden (vocals, flute) Andy Whitehead (bass, guitar) John Brooks (guitars) Tony Doyle (drums, percussion) Silhobbit Album Review - Blyndsyde - Into The Storm of the Eye Heavens to murgatroyd, was it really a whole year ago that I was ranting and raging about Blyndsydes demo 'Where Extremes Meet. It most surely was! So now their debut CD is out, and we have to ask ourselves, 'Is it any cop? Well, the short answer is 'YES'. Then again, the long answer is 'YESYES'. Anyone who has seen the band will he able to tell you that they are heavier than the demo suggested that they were. Ah, the problems of a four-track! Anyway, their sound on this CD is much more metalliprog, imagine Marillion 'rocking out and you'll be nowhere n...

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