There are various artists with the name Bo. 1. Bo is a greek hip-hop artist. 2. Bo is a UK DJ/Producer from West Yorkshire, specializing in Bassline 4x4 and house music. From a young age Bo realised he had a huge interest in music. Producing started for Bo at the age of 20 when he managed to get hold of the software ‘Reason'. He began making grime music in his spare time, with most of the music talent around him being mc's he wanted to produce, and attempt to establish himself in the bassline/house scene. However he could not fully focus on his musical aspirations as he had full time studies with his degree at Bradford University. Bo began to focus on producing after graduation in 2008. It wasn't until 2010 that Bo produced his first bassline hit that would go on to establish him in the bassline scene. This was entitled 'Ridiculous' and featured 2 major mc's from Sheffield aka Shinobi and Kase. He sent this to the leading DJ's in the scene such as DJ Q, Shaun Banger Scott, Apostle and Nev Wright to name a few. After the release of that single Bo was getting his material played in the nightclubs, and on various radio stations such as BBC 1Xtra. It was in 2011 when Bo become further established in the scene, producing bassline hits such as ‘Bo's Anthem', ‘All Good Ft Kriisi B', and ‘Turn up the Volume Ft Breeza' just to name a few. Bo aims to continue to focus on perfecting his sound, and continue to progress up the ladder in the music industry. He would like to ...

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