Very Institubes sound Very from the 90's Imagine that Surkin had a brother who used to steal all his brothers machines when he wasn't at home...that little guy is Bobmo! BOBMO is a young producer hailing from the hyperactive city of Paris via the even more hyper city of Bordeaux. While in high school, with no musical training, he launched a short-lived rap career, making beats on his Playstation (no, really!), spitting awkward tales of murder and woe. Bordeaux is a pretty cool place and, hanging out with the right crowd, going to the right club, and listening to the right radio show, Bobmo got into Detroit techno, Miami bass, electro and, most importantly, Chicago house. He got himself a PC and downloaded everything from legendary labels Dancemania and Trax. Like so many kids (he’s 19, by the way) of the P2P generation, he ended up taking matters into his own hands. The result—LET’S GO BOBMO!— was played and playlisted by such luminaries as Sinden, Justice, MSTRKRFT, Diplo, Busy P, etc. The boy went on to remix Jape and Scenario Rock and we had to re-release the stand-out track of the 12”, “To the Bobmobile”, with a Baltimore-heavy remix by Kazey & Bulldog. Now he’s back with his second 12”: 3000% YES. What’s with kids these days? These three tracks are downright strange. From afar, they seem to master familiar idioms: “Rock The” speaks a fluent percussive House, “Legally Dead for 4’31” delivers 4 minutes and 31 seconds of jacking electro and ...

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