Boat is the name of several rock bands: a Seattle indie-pop band (BOAT) and a Japanese post-rock band (BOaT). 1. The Japanese band BOaT combined various musical styles such as post-rock and punk. After the release of the critically acclaimed record “RORO”, they disbanded, with several members going on to form Natsumen. 2. BOAT is a band about stories. BOAT is a band about stories about dinosaurs, quirk, real-life, baseball, blisters, punctuation, and the ferocious sounds of lobsters and snakes. See, these things are all details that make up the boys of BOAT, a band begun as a basement dream of one David Crane (let's call him D.) that spiraled into one of the most resourceful, most imaginative bands in Seattle. And details count. D. Crane moved to Seattle in 2004 after a miserable stint as a schoolteacher in Chicago, a life nugget that introduced many of the memorable BOAT songs to the world. Armed with stories from his inside scoop of the windy city, D. Crane rounded up good friends, cheap equipment, a few burritos, plenty of diet soda, and set off, full-steam ahead. BOAT began taking shape with the release of Life is a Shipwreck and After All, two albums with handmade art that provided the band with papercuts and many trips to Kinkos. Worth it. The band started selling out of their personalized records once they started playing shows around the northwest, and folks from Vancouver, BC to San Francisco started to take notice. The band then released two full-lengths, So...

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