Bob Carpenter

The Bob Carpenter whose picture and album Silent Passage are shown here has nothing to do with the player from Nitty Gritty Dirt Band (whose bio is below). The Canadian Bob Carpenter sang and wrote all the songs on the Silent Passage album (recorded for Warner in L.A. and Toronto and eventually released on Stoney Plain records) and the 1979 - 8 Demos record also listed here. He was born in Thunder Bay Ontario and lived on Canada's west coast till his death in 1995. His songs have also been recorded by Brent Titcomb and Valdy. The American Bob Carpenter's bio follows - Multiple Grammy and CMA Award winner Bob Carpenter has almost never met a genre of music he didn't enjoy playing. From his R&B and Rock roots in Philadelphia, through his ten year stay in the Country and Bluegrass music world of Colorado, to his current work in Los Angeles, he has written for, produced, sung and played on over 50 record albums with a wide range of musicians whose styles include everything from Rock to Smooth Jazz to Folk Music. As a long time member of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, he has toured the world and earned 15 Gold and Platinum Records. His studio credits include vocal and keyboard sessions with Johnny Cash, Bruce Hornsby, Willie Nelson, Roger McGuinn, Allison Krauss, Vince Gill, John Hiatt, Chet Atkins, Earl Scruggs and Steve Vai to name just a few. Bob's songs have received numerous ASCAP writing awards, been recorded by artists as diverse as John Denver, Three Dog Night and Ke...

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