Bob Guido

Bob Guido is a North American musician and composer. Guido's unique and ever changing style — not to mention his deft production skills in the recording studio — have earned him the respect of many and placed him among artists who are breaking new ground. Guido played classical violin with the Royal Conservatory of music from the age of four, well into his adolescence when his older brother surprised him with an electric guitar that he acquired in a trade for a case of beer. After playing in bands and mastering the guitar gymnastics of Van Halen, Satriani and Malmsteen, Guido was drawn to the mysterious sounds created by the founders of ambient music — Brian Eno, Harold Budd, Daniel Lanois and Michael Brook. Bob Guido is considered a descendant of this ambient movement. In the early 2000’s Guido worked as an engineer in the music industry with many gold and platinum selling recording artists and further developed his production skills on album projects with indie bands such as Coral Eden and Subrosa. Bob Guido's first commercial single Wake Up Call was mixed by multi-platinum award winning producer Warne Livesey and released in 2011 and climbed to # 1 in it's first week on the Indie Charts. His music has been on compilation albums featuring top ambient artists from around the world, making him an internationally known artist. Official Website: Related Artists: Brian Eno, Sigur R?s, Hammock,Daniel Lanois, U2,Coldplay,Explosions In The Sky...

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