Bob Kames

Bob Kames (April 21, 1925 – April 9, 2008) was an American musician who specialized in genres such as polka. Kames is credited with developing and popularizing the modern-day version of the song Dance Little Bird, which is much better known by its more common name, The Chicken Dance. The Chicken Dance was introduced to the USA nationwide as Dance Little Bird by America's leading organist and Cresendo recording artist Bob Kames in early 1982. But the crazy dance that goes with the song soon forced the name The Chicken Dance. Bob Kames has recorded over 70 albums under the Bally, Rondo, King, GRT and Crescendo labels. Bob also was the hands behind the hit series The Happy Organ which sold over 2 million records. The Dance Little Bird 45 rpm record was produced in Milwaukee Wisconsin at the old Star studio. The recording was a family affair which featured Bob Kames Jr. on drums and xylophone and daughter Barbara on the vibes. Through GNP Crescendo distribution channels, the song became an instant hit for Bob Kames Dad and the Kids. By the end of 1982, Kames' version sold over a millon copies world wide including a gold record in Poland. After his over seas tour Bob Kames was dubbed The Chicken Dance King. He recorded a version with the late Tiny Tim as well as added words to the song which resulted in a re-release for Crescendo in the late 90's. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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