Bob Malone

BOB MALONE Bio by Craig Spector What do you call an artist whose talent consistently transcends the endless parade of pre-chewed musical fad and fashion? What do you say about a two-fisted rock & roll pianoman and singer-songwriter whose chops can blow the doors off any venue, and whose road-ready showmanship regularly leaves the audience hooting and howling for more? How do you categorize a down-home guy who came from the swamps of Jersey but whose music swings with the soul of New Orleans? An artist who writes songs that can tug your heart or split your sides with sardonic laughter…often at the same time? Ladies and gents, Bob Malone is that man, and yes, he is that good. Over the last decade Malone has carved out a unique niche — burning up a quarter million miles of asphalt a year touring his own national circuit, a mix of art house and coffee house, posh theatres and skeevy dive bars, pounding out his sound for devoted fans across the land…then coming home to shiny, smoggy Hollywood to burn down one modern classic CD after another. Malone is a genuine hero of the by-your-own bootstraps indie scene, and he works it like a pro: delivering the goods, night after night, from solo gigs to full-blown band with backup singers and wailing horns, and everything in between. But no matter what size room, center stage is Bob Malone: giving it his all every time the spotlight shines, a manic madman pounding the keys ’til they scream for mercy and belting out a bourbon-so...

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