Bob Mosley

Bob Mosley (born James Robert Mosley, December 4, 1942, in Paradise Valley, California) is principally known as the bass player and one of the songwriters and vocalists for the band Moby Grape. One of his best-known songs is Mr. Blues, from the eponymous Moby Grape album,released in 1967. He has had a varied career, spent his teens playing in a number of garage combos, including the Misfits, the Strangers, the Frantics and The Ducks. The Frantics eventually morphed into Moby Grape, and with a lineup of Bob Mosley, Peter Lewis, Skip Spence, Don Stevenson, and Jerry Miller, the band recorded the brilliant but ill-fated Moby Grape album, released by Columbia in 1967. If ever a band was snake-bitten, it was Moby Grape, and thanks to backfiring publicity stunts, poor management, and record company snafus, the band never found a steady mass audience. It didn't help, either, that at least two of the members (Spence and Mosley) begin to show signs of mental disorder. Moby Grape managed to record two more albums with its original configuration participating before Spence and then Mosley left the band. In 1969 Mosley joined the U.S. Marines, making it through basic training, only to be diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic (a mental condition that also afflicted Skip Spence) and was discharged from the Marines nine months later. He rejoined Grape for 1971's 20 Granite Creek album, but the group splintered after the album was completed. Mosley next signed with Reprise Records and his so...

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