Bob Smith

There are 2 artists with this name: 1. Elaborate reissue of an early 70s American psychedelic classic, originally issued on the Kent label as a deluxe gatefold double album. From the LA area, this mixes sprawling guitar, violin & some keyboard-weirdness with a patch of vague Buckley/Beefheart/Fankhauser reference points on to a base of melodic psych-rock extensions. With a lyrical vantage point not far from the heightened visionary nonsense of a Damon-like character, assumably delivered by Mr. Bob Smith (there is no longer any doubt that he really is Bob Smith), this delivers a final touch of addled magic. With this new reissue and accompanying liner notes by Bob, it can be confirmed that Daryl Dragon(!) and Don Preston (Mothers of Invention) helped him record this album, along with his backing group Silverskin. Only legit reissue of the original Visit 2LP and a bonus LP recorded in 71/72, by Bob Smith. The Visit was recorded in 1970 in LA and it redefined the existing borders of the psychedelic movement. From the first thought about this album to its release it took 3 years to put all ideas in an musical concept -- the result: obscure and complex songs with mindblowing instrumentation and depth. All copies of the box show a certain amount of wear (and sometimes split corners), the box is poorly manufactured, to say the least, it's always been like that... 2. A Gay Stand-up Comic who appears on the CD: Gay Comedy Jam. Read more on User-contributed text is available...

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