Bob Sunrise

Bob Sunrise (born Babak Nabizadeh; December 2, 1985) is an Iranian singer-songwriter, composer and poet. His music is mostly based on lyrics with simple chord. He started with his vary first single tracks Little blue fish and It's time to go, and then in 2010 with the name Bob Sunrise release One night before. One night before was based on Hafez's poems that arranged with Blues and country-folk music. Unfortunately One night before hasn't recorded as a professional studio recording, it just has recorded in his own home studio, and it's still uncompleted, and all tracks are just demo version. The Scarecrow is his second album. its songs selected from tracks that he has recorded before. The first 3 songs were just single tracks and track number 4 has selected from One night before that its old name was Hey, based on Hafez's poem. In 2011 he has recorded other demo songs under the album Far away home with two main songs Far away home and Takes me home. And then he has remastered and arranged his first single tracks Poor fish and It's time to go again for this album. Also he has arranged the other single track Good old days again that was improvisation solo on base chord of Winter night (one of his single track that has never released.) Unlike the One night before and Scarecrow, he has wrote all the lyrics for this album, and also he focused on English lyrics in this album. Far away home has shared as a demo version on some social network, but he didn't release it yet. Read ...

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