Bob Tostes

Bob Tostes is a singer, composer and producer of R?dio Guarani FM, Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil. In 1969 he was the leader of a local group of the Musicanossa movement, which was set up in Rio de Janeiro by composer Roberto Menescal. In the same year he was a final contestant of the local phase of the IV Festival Internacional da Can??o (IV International Music Festival), with the tunes Caminhada (in partnership with Roberto Guimar?es) and Noite mais linda (in partnership with Bebeth Farah). In the 70s he directed and produced FEC - Festival Estudantil da Can??o (Students’ Music Festival) which counted with the participation of the novices L? Borges, Beto Guedes, Fl?vio Venturini, Toninho Horta, T?lio Mour?o, Tavinho Moura and Ivan Lins. The festival unveiled the song Clube da Esquina. Bob Tostes graduated in Law from UFMG - the local state-owned university in 1971 and registered for the Communication Course at [Pontif?cia Universidade Cat?lica de Minas Gerais]. In the 70s he composed soundtracks for children plays put up by the ”Teatro de Equipe” including O Cavalinho Azul by Maria Clara Machado and Casaco Encantado, which was directed by Priscila Freire. He also wrote for musical columns in newspapers, Di?rio da Tarde and Di?rio do Com?rcio in 1960, 1970 and 1980. In the 90s he published essays in the Pensar section of the major newspaper Estado de Minas. Bob Tostes was a producer of R?dio Inconfid?ncia FM in the opening of Brasileir?ssima program in 1979 e 1980....

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