Bobbejaan Schoepen

Bobbejaan Schoepen (pseudonym of Modest Schoepen, 16 May 1925, Boom, Antwerp - 17 May 2010, Turnhout) was a Flemish pioneer in Belgian pop music, vaudeville and in European country music.[1] Bobbejaan can be characterized as a total performer and entrepreneur: he is singer-songwriter, guitarist, comedian, a former actor and professional whistler, as well as the founder and former director of the amusement park, Bobbejaanland.[2] His musical career flourished from 1948 to the first half of the 1970s. He sold more than five million copies from his repertoire of nearly 600 songs, which extended from Twang, cabaret, instrumental film music, chansons, country, to folk and vocal music.[3][4] He worked his way up from a working-class environment to become one of the two-hundred richest people in Belgium.[5] Bobbejaan Schoepen married the Dutch former opera singer and photo model Josephina (Josée) Jongen on 18 May 1961. They have five children: Robert (“Bob Jr.”, 1962), Myriam (1963), Jacky (1964), Peggy (1968) and Tom (1970). His son Tom would become his manager in Belgium. Early musical period Modest Schoepen grew up in a smithy in Boom, Antwerp). His career started in the late thirties when he and his sister Liesje performed vaudeville shows in the surrounding villages, going around with the hat collecting money afterwards. He had his first audition in 1944 for the radio in Brussels. In 1943 he followed classical guitar instruction with guitarist Frans De Groodt (1892-1990)...

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