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Bobbi Martin (Barbara Anne Martin) was born on November 29,1943 in Brooklyn,New York,and Raised in Baltimore,Maryland. She began recording in 1960,on a small NYC Record Label MAYPOLE. She Then Came to the attention of CORAL RECORDS in 1961,and was signed on that label. She had 2 Major charted single records.First was Don't Forget I Still Love You in late 1964,(her only hit on CORAL)and For The Love Of Him in early 1970 on UNITED ARTISTS. She had many Bubbling Under The Hot 100 singles on the record bible Billboard . Appearred on many TV Shows,including Jackie Gleason,Johnny Carson,The Dean Martin Showand American Bandstand,along with many teenage Dance Parties in the 1960s. Was on several different labels including Maypole, Coral.UA. Buddah, MGM,and Green Menu. Her last single was in 1975. A CD was released by her Record Producer after her death in 2003 of unreleased work titled Look At What Love Can Do. ,and a Major compilation CD of most of her A and B sided singles in 2008 titled BOBBI MARTIN FOR THE LOVE OF HIM She passed away on May 9,2000 of lung Cancer at the age of 56. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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