Bobby Callender

During the late 1960s, Bobby Callender was one of the most mythical figures in popular music. Conceptually his musical universe delivers all the originality of an artistic freedom, really awakened of alternative lifestyle, cross cultures and psychedelic civilization. Callender is an afro American who turned to mystic and reaches himself into Indian raga, philosophies from the East. The two albums he recorded under his name (Rainbow in 1968, The Way in 1971) are currently seen as the two logical sides of a grandiloquent project including numerous musicians from the jazz and raga scenes. Among the featured musicians we can quote the famous India raga style guitarist Collin Walcott. Bobby Callender composes almost all titles and make some recitations. Rainbow, released in 1968, is a fantastic effort, really amazing, played freely with numerous dialogues between sitar and tabla, with subtle adds of violin, piano and bass (electric). The main elements of composition are the rhythm, very structured, complex and the improvisational jazz / raga which introduces us in a spiritual and floating psychedelic atmosphere. The two albums are really conceptual, developing short, esoteric tales mostly served by basic themes of eastern instrumentations and odd, spoken words. Bobby Callender's musical signature is a perfect illustration of free form ethnic jazz improvisations in adequacy with the growing effervescence of the 1960s acid, psychedelic philosophies. Read more on User-contri...

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