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Bobby Conn is Love. Bobby Conn is all. Bobby Conn is peace, prosperity and a chicken in every pot. Bobby Conn will sing his way into your heart with his catchy songs about cocaine, the supremecy of the Jewish people and the upcoming apocalypse. ALL PRAISE BOBBY CONN!!! Bobby Conn is a musician from Chicago, known for his pop-rock. He often collaborates with other Midwestern artists like musicians Colby Starck and Jim O'Rourke, and film-maker Usama Alshaibi. Conn has released five studio albums to date: Bobby Conn (1997), Rise Up! (1998), The Golden Age (2001), The Homeland (2004) and King For A Day (2007), along with a live album Live Classics (2005) and an E.P. called Llovessonngs (1999). He currently lives in Humboldt Park, Chicago with his wife (violinist Monica BouBou) and two children. He has also once turned his hand to producing, helming a 2003 session for UK punk band The Cribs, which would make up part of their debut release, after he first encountered them as a local support band on a UK tour sometime in 2002. Biography Conn's real name is Jeffrey Stafford. He was born in New York on June 13, 1967, but spent much of his young life in the Chicago suburb of St. Charles, Illinois. Jeff's original band in high school was a hardcore punk trio called The Broken Kockamamies (The BK's, or BKS) noted for using 8 foot strobe lights on a darkened stage as their only prop. The strobes were affectionately called the pillars of fear. Conn was first noticed playing guitar in t...

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