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Country Artist Bobby Dee on his way to the Top Bobby Dee - Bobby Dee is a recording artist with A&S Records. I have to say if Bobby Dee isn't the most visionary country artist working right now, he must certainly be considered the most prolific. With this release of his EP, Rub It In and also with the rest of Bobby’s music under productions at this time , Bobby Dee is talented enough to front a national level band. The new CD will be filled with rich harmony work. The instrumentation is perfect. From the get go and his singing is outstanding . If you've ever had the pleasure of seeing the Bobby Dee live, you know their versatility comes out best on stage. In December was awarded 2007 gold international artist of the year. In Januaray was awarded 2007 international supreme male vocalist of the year from: world wide internet radio. In Febuary made the COUNTRY TOP 30 COUNTDOWN from Independent Music Network Chart # 17 Bobby Dee - Rub It In'' CD: From The Heart (indie) § Points Momentum Cume Points 842 538 1928 Currently Bobby Dee’s music is being played to over 200 countries and also 6000 FM Radio stations set up by A&S Records and will be on his way to the Billboard top 100 Charts. We would like to also take this opportunity to thank John Watson along with his staff from Artist Development Agency for his support and knowledge that his has given. Thank You, Harvey Barr, President / CEO Axe Recording Studio / A & S Record Re...

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