Bobby Franklin's Insanity

Bobby Franklin’s Insanity is his undying love and commitment to the music because he is truly “KRAZY BOUT THE MUSIC”. He plays all of the instruments in the rhythm section. Guitar, drums, vibes, keyboard and bass. In fact, when he performs as a single, he sings and plays along with sequenced music arranged and performed by him. He is sometimes known as “The 1 Man Band”. A Veteran of the music industry, Bobby is a seasoned studio musician playing on many “Gold” and “Platinum” recording sessions, including “Wide Receiver”, with Michael Henderson, Gospel Gold on “Keeps On Doing Great Things for Me”, Tessie Hill, and did the actual demo with Ed Robinson for the Dramatics platinum selling “Shake It Well”. Bobby has toured with major artist and groups like Curtis Mayfield and The Impressions, The Floaters, and The Drifters. Bobby has also worked with a countless number of singers, bands, songwriters and record producers and has released a new CD entitled Mr. Insanity on the Worldnet Music Records Label. Through the years Bobby has developed a unique vocal style where he blends (3) different signature vocal sounds starting with (1) his natural voice a bluesy – Ballsy baritone with flavors of Lou Rawls, Barry White and old blue eyes, Frank Sinatra. Also, (2) a soft smooth soulful falsetto voice like Curtis Mayfield (his mentor), Eddie Kendricks and Smokey Robinson both legends of the Motown Sound and finally (3) a killer monotone voice like Hendri...

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