Bobby Marchan

Bobby Marchan (born Oscar James Gibson, 30 April 1930 in Youngstown Ohio — died 5 December 1999) was most well-known around the New Orleans R&B scene. He settled in the Crescent City after appearing at The Dew Drop Inn with his touring drag group the Powder Box Revue in 1953. He hosted regular nights at Club Tiajuana in the mid 1950s and within a decade had recorded for many imprints including Aladdin, Dot, Ace, Fire, Volt, Cameo, Sansu and Dial record labels. He was accepted for his unique talents in New Orleans and in 1957 began working with Huey Piano Smith & the Clowns, becoming a well-respected touring rhythm and blues bandleader, MC, singer-performer, and nationally known recording artist. One of Marchan's vocal performances with Huey Smith and the Clowns can be heard on the New Orleans R&B recording, Don't You Just Know It, which was released in 1958. Marchan also had a solo #1 hit on the national R&B charts in 1960 with the tune There is Something on your Mind, a smaller previous hit for Big Jay McNeely. Other minor hits for Marchan included booty Green ( 1960), Quit My Job (1960), Things I Used To Do ( 1965), and Shake Your Tambourine (1966) He continued to work the oldies circuit & perform in drag revues throughout the next couple decades. In the 1990's he cut back on performances when he suffered illness, including kidney problems, but still managed to promote Hip Hop acts & was reportedly a key figure in the formation of Cash Money Records before dying at...

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