Bobby Radcliff

Bobby Radcliff is a Washington DC native who has lived in NYC for 30 plus years. His mentor was Magic Sam. His guitar playing is like no other’s. It’s angry and draws you in as you watch his fingers fly on the strings. His voice comes from the depths of the REAL BLUES, again like no other’s. Once you hear him you will remember his name. Bobby Radcliff began playing guitar at the age of 12 in Chevy Chase Maryland, after hearing the legendary Magic Sam perform live at the 1969 Ann Arbor Blues Festival. Bobby was so inspired by Magic Sam’s performance that he took it upon himself to venture off to Chicago to meet his newfound guitar idol. Bobby found Magic Sam in Cook County Hospital after Sam had suffered a major heart attack. After Sam recovered, he invited Bobby back to his home at 1615 South Harding Street, in the heart of Chicago’s West Side, where he and his family resided. Sam introduced Bobby to the West Side Chicago Blues scene at such venues as The Alex Club and the L & A Lounge. Bobby spent the first half of the 1970’s performing in Washington DC with his own band. Members of his band included many of the great Washington DC players; Steve Shaw, Victor Spano, Dave Walker, Dick Heintze, Robbie Magruder and Danny Gatton. Bobby recorded his first 45 RPM single in 1974 on the Aladin Label. In 1977, Bobby moved to New York City and became one of the house musicians at the Lone Star Caf? working with Kinky Friedman, Bernard Purdie, and the original Blues Brothe...

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