Bobby Wells

Where does my music fit in? everywhere...after a 16 hour a day corporate schedule (or whatever you do), after a screaming (wonderful) new born that's been up all night or after you've been on I/405 in L.A., that's when you drop Bayside into the CD player and go on vacation. That's a hint of what Bobby means by everywhere. He says everyone (everywhere) needs time to refresh, listen to something sweet, unwind and just mellow out. He loves writing instrumentals most because it gives you freedom to reflect. Bobby blends hints of flavor from around the globe into a Smooth Jazz mix laced with heavy hooks. Bobby says hooks are the melodic part of a song that you remember most. He continues to attract audiences of all ages and cultures. I love worship as well, that's where my peace and joy comes from. Variety is key to this songwriter, he loves to switch it up! Give me some keyboards, steel drums, sax, flute, koto, guitar, 2 strips of bacon...anything I can get my hands on. When you listen to my music you'll probably hear two of my favorite instruments (guitar & sax). I always wished that I could play those. I love using sounds and cultural rhythms as well. Inside the box? (naaa)...that's like eating corn flakes 24/7. Give me variety. In short, Bobby grew up in north Omaha on 37th street and Paxton Blvd. In elementary school he chose, as his first instrument, the trombone. Bobby says I got the clue real quick...that having asthma and living in hospitals most every week-end, ...

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