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Bobe Street Band is a collaboration of Patrick I Hate You's Hutchinson and Renee Arozqueta. Both are independent songwriters, but when they play their songs together they call it something different for some reason. Almost all of the Bobe Street songs can be found in their original form on solo records, but its so much more fun to put banjo to accordion, accordion to guitar, feet to floor, so on and so forth. This collaboration was formed in Pensacola, FL, USA in 2006 Other members of the band have come and gone, Chris Seymore is a contributing songwriter that moved to the great north, but visits for reunion shows at least once a year. Nicky Naptime Thayer was once a part of Bobe street as well and the harmonies are surely missed. Travis Fuck Leggett is our part time drummer. As of Dec 2008, the two original members were working on their separate projects; Patrick is currently recording a full length for the I Hate You's and Renee has just come back from her first tour promoting her newest double disc release.... but as of Jan 2009 there has been talk and even plans of re-recording the Bobe Street album, and a an even an April Tour. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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