BOBGOBLIN is a post-punk, power-pop concept group formed in 1993 in Dallas, TX by singer/songwriter Hop Litzwire (aka Sgt. Hop Manski), drummer Avsharian, guitarist Lech Vogner, and bassist Hech Mohech. Reminiscent of their influences, which include, among many, The Clash, XTC, Buzzcocks, Killing Joke, Cheap Trick, The Cars, and The Pixies, their raw, locally-produced cassette tape Rocket Box established the band's presence on the local scene early on, helping them to form bonds with some of the best bands in Dallas, including Hagfish, Funland, UFOFU, and Baboon. Despite the promising beginnings, the band's existence floundered somewhat for a year or so, with Lech Vogner eventually opting to leave the band to concentrate on a previous musical committment and Mohech moving on to generally greener pastures. Though the band's line-up would be incomplete shortly after its release, BOBGOBLIN first full-length CD was revealed to a good deal of local acclaim. Titled JET, the CD, which was slightly more polished than Rocket Box, quickly became a local favorite, landing on Top-10 lists in rags around the region like The Met and The Dallas Observer, and providing tracks for a CD-compilation assembled by one of Dallas' biggest rock stations. With the CD making some waves, it would not be long before the group would become complete again. With the arrival in 1994 of Tony Jannotta (Cpl. Glascock), a newly invigorated BOBGOBLIN would take off from there, with a more reliable string of...

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