“There’s no sex and drugs and rock ‘n’ roll in music anymore. We’re here to bring it back and we’re proud of it. We’re not selling out! People are buying in,” grins Bobnoxious singer/guitarist Bob. J. Reid. Raucous, gritty and bombastic, it’s in-yer-face rock ‘n’ roll that would make Bon Scott raise his glass again. It’s a description many a band would kill for, yet it doesn’t begin to touch the over-the-top spectacle that is this London, Ontario based four-piece rock band. It’s truly “Two Fisted, Twisted, Rock And Roll”! Let’s face it: they’re called Bobnoxious for a reason. And that is they just don’t care what people, the record industry, the establishment – anyone really – think about them. They do what they want to do. Period. Proof-positive lies in the must-see stage show replete with smashed guitars, blow-up dolls, hot air balloon sized backdrops, confetti cannons, beach balls, bobble heads, drum kits made from trash cans, and questions from notable artists as to, “how are we supposed to follow that?”. And the buzz is only getting bigger with the release of their sophomore CD Rockaholics: The Fun Drinking Game (Wannabe/Fontana North). “It’s a drinking concept album,” laughs Reid. “There are so many concept albums out there, but only we would think of getting hammered as a concept!” Yes, it’s a CD and a game, if you’re game enough to try it! Reid cautions though, “If you can’t drink a beer by the fi...

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