Boca Do Rio

The San Francisco band Boca do Rio takes its name from the Portuguese “mouth of the river” – the place where myriad streams and sources converge into one powerful, flowing, physical energy. Kevin Welch, Boca’s leader, composer, guitarist, and vocalist, embodies this concept by virtue of his personal and musical history, having lived in the Amazon and become fluent in Portuguese as well as immersed in – and transformed by – samba. In the mid-1990s he started the group Vivendo de P?o, which became a mainstay on San Francisco’s club and festival scene and opened for touring acts like Macy Gray and Los Van Van. For Boca do Rio, Welch has assembled a superb team of Brazilian and American musicians to give voice to his vibrant compositions, which he terms m?sica organica – music that is explicitly influenced by his connection to Brazil but filtered through the sensibilities of his California base, which he shares with his versatile accompanists and musical partners in the band and on the new CD. CONTRIBUTING MUSICIANS Jacob Aginsky on Piano: By the time Jacob was eleven, he showed enough talent to be admitted into the San Francisco Conservatory. Since then he has studied with notables Randy Craig, Mark Levine, Herbie Hancock and Eddie Marshall, as well as going through the University of California at Santa Cruz and San Francisco State's Music Performance program. He tours extensively and has released several albums under his own name. Alex Calatayud on percussion: Alex ...

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