1.) At 16 years old, Caleb Boddicker recorded a 22-track demo in the bedroom of his parent's house in Mississippi. He was a sophomore in high school at the time and sold the demo online as a means of funding his future college education. He managed to sell over 1000 copies to fans that were lucky enough to stumble across that gem of a record. Isaac Brock got a hold of the record and passed it along to Sub Pop. Merge had the record and pursued Boddicker for a short time. Pinback even asked him to open for them on a few dates of their Blue Screen Life tour. However, he had never played a live show before, nor was he eager to forgo his education. So he tossed his prodigal status aside and continued on to college. In October of 2006, Boddicker entered Engine Studios in Chicago for a 3-week recording session. The result is nothing short of a masterpiece. Boddicker's gift of writing simple, yet powerful songs, combined with Deck?s production brilliance, culminated into a mind-blowing piece of work. The songs bounce from genre to genre, providing a glimpse into Boddicker's erratic perception of the world. He is constantly writing songs as ideas pop into his head. In fact, four of the songs were written in the studio after Deck went home for the night. 2.) Boddicker is a crust inspired deathgrind band from Detroit, Michigan. Nasty as all Hell. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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