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1. Bodh Gaya is the project of Tobias Klemm and Erol G?ner. (Genre: Goa/Psychedelic Trance) In 1999 Bodh Gaya released the album Ayahuasca - The trip to the fountain of culture under the High Society label. Amazon calls it A concept album based on rituals of the South American Shipibo indians. 2. Bodh Gaya is (also) a folk metal band with buddhistic influences from Erfurt, Germany. Member is Sebastian Mack. He has released 4 albums so far, called I or self-titled, II, self law and a somewhat untitled one, labeled IV on and released in spring 2010. Since that the band features sometimes also Sebastian Gr??ung and Mighty Andreas M?ller. While Bodh Gaya opens a range of artistic influences, from folk and mantras to sludge, drone and even post-rock, the core element belongs metal. Sebastian Mack did almost every recording at home, singing and playing every instrument by himself and using a drum computer for beats and percussion. Bodh Gaya also did some covers of Turbostaat. features some snippets of actual and fourthcoming material, whilst all four releases are downloadable and streamable via Nevertheless you'll miss half the show since all bodh gaya albums come with a special digi-pack, often handcrafted and with all lyrics as well as artworks by Tobias Volker. They are only available via the band's myspace, since Sebastian works months on them but doesn't tell anybody afterwards. This and the fact that bodh gaya played j...

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