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One fine morning a harmless mail landed in the JAM inbox. It was bodhiTree, a band from XLRI Jamshedpur, asking us to check out some of their OCs. Out of the four options they had given, we chose two - Gaand Mein Danda (GMD) and XL Ki Kudiyaan. And man were we blown away! Wanna know more about them? Read on... How was the band formed? bodhiTree was formed on the second day on campus, Jun 12 2004. [time was quite short, compared to most trees that are born by the painfully long process of grafting, transplantation and/ or plain pollination, yada yada, you know the drill.] We just sort of gravitated towards each other, spending value-added nights jamming into the wee hours of the morning. We had a one piece each of bassist, guitarist and vocalist, but the only one who showed up when we called for drummers was this petite girl with plaits called Poornima. She'd never played rock live before, but she had the rhythm in her blood. And that was it.. before we knew it, we were taking to the stage as a band. How would you describe your music? We started out as a rock band, and that's who we are. We come with a random assortment of musical preferences - as a result the bodhiTree sound becomes a rather spicy dish: heavy on blues based rock, a left-of-the-middle alternative and a hint of metal, that tends to get overdone at times. It's low on predictability, but that's what makes it exciting. The Indian influences began to surface in the summer of 2005, but that's another story. It's ...

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