Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/dodkvlt Bandcamp: http://dodkvlt.bandcamp.com Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/Dodkvlt Metal-archives: http://v2.metal-archives.com/bands/D%C3%B8dkvlt/3540299928 Dødkvlt is a one-man Experimental Black Metal project from Helsinki, Finland, formed and founded in 2009 by it’s sole member Lord Theynian. Originally intended as the first demo, “I” was written and recorded in April-May 2009. However, the demo soon caught interest of several labels and it was remastered for the 2010 release by Ewiges Eis Records. Only few copies of the rare first demo version of “I” exist, handed only to few chosen people by Lord Theynian. The follow-up to the debut album, simply titled “II”, out April 6th 2011 also by EE recs, takes Dødkvlt’s black art to the next level with it’s already more diverse take on black metal. Released at the same time with the second full-length, a split entitled “Deathcult ov Doomgoat” with Finnish Black Metal band Goats of Doom from the same label and it features three more experimental and doomy pieces from Dødkvlt with the lyrics following a single concept of a prophecy on Satans path to reclaim his throne. The third album, titled “III: Domĭni Ascensiōnem” continues the concept started on the split taking the story into a more personal direction with it’s tale of rebirth through path to enlightenment reprising musical and lyrical themes from the first three parts. The album was released 6.6.20...

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