D≒SIRE was an influential band that took part of the indies visual kei scene in the 90s. Founded by Yukiya Fujita, president of the Kreis label, D≒SIRE had a strong, solid melodic sound similar to that of LUNA SEA's, mixing elements from punk, post-punk/gothic rock and pop rock. After several members changes, they disbanded in late 1999/early 2000, and immediately Yukiya formed a new band: JILS. MEMBERS: vocal : 幸也-YUKIYA- (JILS ,Kαin , THE JEAN) guitar, key, prog : 聖詩-KIYOSHI- (ランデビュース, Truth) guitare,ba : KEN (Crime of Fiction, QUASAR, rephit) drum, key, prog : 秀誉-HIDEYOSHI- (Pierrot, JILS , allport diary) EX. MEMBRES: key, prog : TETSU (Blüe, QUASAR, ENDLESS) guitar : 橘 舞己-MAI- (EX NIHILO, GRASS, Klein Kaiser, eden gate) bass : 秀朗-HIDEROW- (ガブリエル, GRASS, I*SCREAM, GREEN'S ROOM, POP) drum : MIE (Sin, GRASS) guitar : SHIGE (Blüe, QUASAR, ENDLESS, Kαin) bass, guitar : 阿希人-AKITO- (TWIN APES, WOOL, allport diary) guitar : HIRO (SHAD∞W, HYPERM∀NIA) bass : KIEE (UNI-SEX) drum : MARU (ランデビュース) DISCOGRAPHY: [demo tape] [1994/00/00] DREAMS BURN DφWN [demo tape] [1994/00/00] Shizumu [demo tape] [1994/00/00] Jinkou rakuen [demo tape] [1994/00/00] TEAR [demo tape] [1994/00/00] ×××BLUE [max-single] [1994/11/25] Shizumu [max-single] [1995/01/25] Rakuen -Humanical Garden- [max-single] [1995/04/10] Tsuioku Nostalgia... [max-single] [1998/12/16] STAY [1995/08/05] Shuumatsu ...

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