DGAF has been around ever since 1998 and was founded by Chucky Styles & Gillies who later tied it into the South Bay Family from the early 90's. Since then it has further tied alliances with the Subnoize Souljaz, SRH, KottonMouth Kings, KingSpade, Judge D, Big B, The DirtBall, Saint Dog, Morongo Band of Indians, Orange County Hardcore Families, Desert Syndicate, Fleshwound, and many more!! Since myspace DGAF has gone WORLDWIDE! The anticipation for the impending debut album from DGAF has been building to feverish levels over the past few years. What started out as nothing more than a way to describe their own reckless lifestyle has ended up bringing together Suburban Noize’s most notorious cast of misfits onto one cut throat, in-your-face blunted full length album. DGAF, which features original Kottonmouth Kings frontman Saint Dog, his brother Big Hoss, Chucky Styles and Gillies, have created the perfect musical soundtrack for the chaos that surrounds their lives. With a thirst for motocross riding, surfing and skateboarding these tattooed misfits live each day with no fear and only a go big or stay home attitude. The group’s debut album is the sonic equivalent of the Sex Pistols crashing head on with N.W.A. DGAF’s toxic musical brew is an unapologetic middle finger to everyone and everything that stands in their path. Damn Right kicks the album off with a banger and sets the cut-throat tone of the record, the album's lead single Knuckle Up sends a message to anyone who ...

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