E'voke were a female vocal duo from the mid 1990's who had several club hits in the UK. The two members - Marlaine Gordon and Kerry Potter - both went to the Sylvia Young stage school and upon graduating went on to star in the BBC sitcom Us girls. Marlaine also went on to star in Eastenders between 1994 and 1995 as Lydia. In 1994, they released their first single on the FFRR label, a dance cover version of Stevie Wonder's I Believe (backed with a track called It's my life). Although it was not a commercial hit (only reaching number 79 in the charts), it did fairly well in the clubs. The track was produced by Barry Leng and Duncan Hannant who went on to write E'voke's original hits. In late 1995, they released the track Runaway on Ffrreedom/FFRR Records which reached number 30 in November. The lead remix of the track was very similar in sound to N-Trance's Set you free that had been a massive hit earlier in the year. In 1996, E'voke scored their biggest commercial and club hit with Arms of Loren. Two mixes, vastly different in sound were created. The Steinway mix, which is still played today in clubs, being the more commercial and the Nip n Tuck mix being the main radio edit. Once again, the song was released on a different record label- Manifesto Records. The song was widely played in clubs and the radio and was touted to become a major hit upon it's release, but only reached number 25 in August 1996. All was quiet until early 1998 when a new E'voke record was promoted (t...

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