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On Halloween in 1998 Joachim Henn (aka no. 5 ) and Daniel Vujanic (aka no. 9 ) decided to play and record some music aside from their full-time bands Ma Cherie For Painting and Stale. Some instruments and analogue recording devices (4-track) were set-up in a small section of a big, old shed full of seriously rehearsing heavy metal bands around the small Thrash/Speed/Death-free zone. After this semi-legendary Halloween weekend session, the material for the first 7 inch E.P. was on tape. Consisting of guitardrones, ghostly keyboardlines, minimal drums and an improvised approach towards precisely composed music, The High Life & Hard Times Of... (Bonita Celestial Records) is a ride through dirty dynamics (side A) but also through melodic and quite tender moments (side B). The duo recorded their first regular album called Formate Heaven Syntax Hell in 2001-02 and released it via the Australian label Saucerlike Recordings. The two album sides consist of two episodic, 20 min+ pieces, each one fusing psychedelia, noise, minimalism, folk, freejazz and krautrock with help from the mixing desk and occasional third bandmember/recording engineer Bach Vick. LP number two Last Exit Wedding was less analogue due to the extended use of laptop as a processing device but still full of the typical sonic wanderlust (tinymixtapes). It was recorded by Vujanic and Henn over the course of a couple of years, mixed by E Jugend and Bach Vick, who also did the mastering. The album was released...

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