E Zhívindi Yag

E Zhívendi Yag (The Living Fire), like many other Romani folk music groups, has a nucleus or root that can be expanded into a small ensemble for a concert or into a large band for massive cultural events. Roma in Canada, because of their constant movement, dislocation and relocation, seldom remain too long in one place to form anything more than family groups that move together. The nucleus of E Zhívindi Yag is Ronald Lee, his son Stephan Eli Lee, and Ronald Lee's wife Nina B. Lee who dances with the group. As a lead player, Ronald Lee plays bouzouki and oud. He also plays guitar to accompany his vocals and in Flamenco pieces. Stephan Leeplays guitar, darbuka and other percussion instruments. He also sings and writes songs, including the song Opre Roma, which appears on the Homage to Kali Sara CD. Nina B. Lee's dance style is interpretive and eclectic, with influences from Middle Eastern, Romani and Celtic dancing. She also occasionally plays percussion with the group, and wrote the song Sara Kali on the Homage to Kali Sara CD. For more information, or to order the CD, please see their official website, www.kopachi.com. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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