E. V. Angels

E. V. Angels was a group formed of three 11 grade students - Voker57, Artie XXL and Eduardovich. Their first and last album is called Beavers anywhere. Members of this group think of Beavers as boring people, interested in physics and microcontrollers, because of one of their mates. The album consists of many Aria songs with lyrics changed so they can be called beaveremakes :) Band site is http://eva.yurx.com, you can download their tracks and look at photos there. Band have also shoot Beaverion film, which is Evangelion beaveremake. Группа E.V.Angels Новая звезда. Парсегов Артём- Вокал, гитара/клавиши Гридин Ярослав- Вокал, Бас гитара Савченков Алексей- Бэк вокал, ударные/клавиши Стефанов Дан- Бабёр, великий и ужасный. Не состоит в группе и всячески вредит певцам. Является музом и вдохновителем всего первого альбома. Авторы слов: Гридин Ярослав, Парсегов Артём. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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