Emanuel Scheek (Paramaribo - Suriname, January 1991), mainly known by his stage name “E.A.S.” is a Surinamese Rapper/MC, Songwriter, Entertainer and Commercial writer. With Dutch, English and Sranan Tongo (Surinamese Creole) as his languages of choice, specializing in poetic and realistic writing, E.A.S. mainly creates Hip hop (often merged with other genres) for both mainstream and underground Hip hop and cross-genre music fanatics. === 2005-2006 First encounter === E.A.S. first came into music singing at the age of seven. At the age of eleven, after discovering his feel for Hip hop, he started writing his own lyrics, but had his first public performance in 2005 at the age of fourteen, when he wrote and performed the theme song “110” for the Surinamese Fire Department during their annual fire safety campaign “Tan Faya Basi” on Surinamese national television. In Suriname this was the first awareness/promotional fire safety campaign combined with a Hip hop/rap performance. The campaign’s success lead to the request to write and record a short rap radio commercial for the local distributor of Stimorol® chewing gum. This commercial is currently the longest aired rap jingle/rap commercial on Surinamese local radio, because it is aired every Friday to date since its release. === 2006-2008 === In 2006 Rekemo Suriname N.V. approached E.A.S. to create and write the majority of their radio and television commercials. He is currently still connected to Rekemo Suri...

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