E.C. Scott

No less a music industry legend than Jerry Wexler, co-founder of Atlantic Records, called E.C. Scott one honest-to-God soul singer. High praise indeed from the man who produced Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, and Wilson Pickett! Blues and R&B diva E.C. Scott possesses a warm, inviting voice and a delivery that can be smooth and sultry one minute and sassy and sexy the next. She can mesmerize a crowd down to a whisper or rock them into a loud frenzy. Masterpiece, Scott's most recent release and her third on the Blind Pig label, is easily her most accomplished effort to date, brilliantly showcasing her special blend of R&B and soul-inflected blues. And with eleven of the twelve songs originals, it also spotlights her considerable talent as a songwriter. Stereo Review called E.C.'s songwriting Brass tacks poetry that is witty, often ribald, sometimes sweet, and always perceptive. E.C. Scott has developed her own style, a refreshingly original and distinctively modern approach. Her enticing, rich voice, hook-laden arrangements, and intelligent, at times humorous, lyrics come together to produce songs that aren't easily forgotten. I want my music to have that old R&B flavor but with a new sound, she says. While growing up in Oakland, California, E.C. spent most of her time singing in St. John Missionary Baptist Church. Later, witnessing performances by gospel singers Shirley Caesar and Inez Andrews left a strong impression on her. I thought their world was fascinating and I want...

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