goregrind that mainly uses inhale and gurgle style vocals concepted around eroticism in excremental experimentation, submission, domination, & other bizzarre fetish movement created in 2007...recorded some crap demo/split releases like HIGH SCHOOL PANTY PEEP SHOW & 4 WAY FUCK FACTORY w CEMETERY RAPIST & FECALIZED RECTAL SPERM SPEWAGE & TETRAHYDROCANNIBINOL in a few different peoples home studios, got picked up by clay lamanske and FTA recordz and than recorded keepin the kids on dope at the efro studio...after that efro went on to record gass huffer at some apartment building loft downtown galt spot and than went into hiatus to make way for other efro side projects like SHERM, NxPxH, & EMACIATED WASTE and than in 2013 Efro was reborn when Associates in grind vol.2 asked efro to record a small bangin setlist. since than efro has been on a diy steez and is coming at ya with a slew of releases 2013 has brought the 3 way split cdr with CREAMY ANAL PIE & SACRECTOMY as well as the full length DRUGS & AGE REGRESSION HYPNOSIS that comes with a remastered version of the efro side of 4 WAY FUCK FACTORY. At this point stay tuned for a split with SIKFUK on SPLATTER ZOMBIE RECORDS!!! Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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