In late 1996. first line-up of E.N.D. (Evil Never Dies) was gathered for their first rehearsal in Zadar/Croatia. One year later, serious work starts to be a part of their interests. Through the years, besides the large number of people that passed through, band's image and genre were changing gradually. At first they worked exclusively on HARD-CORE music but in time METAL starts to be the ground zero of inspiration. Today, the stile they grew is based on experimenting with many extreme metal directions but in every way it is combination of fast drums, low tuned guitars, thrashy riffs with occasional breakdowns and polyrhythmical parts followed by mid-pitch screaming vocals. Experience that the band collected over the years can be expressed by a large number of gigs all over Croatia and some in neighbor countries, couple of demo records, videos, participation in compilation CD's, EP, official full length album, countless interviews and presentations in magazines, newspapers, web portals, blogs, Radio and TV shows which gave them status of one of the most known, as one of the oldest active metal bands in the county and wider. In a list of shows E.N.D. shared stage with: PUNGENT STENCH, ONLY ATTITUDE COUNTS, GOD DETHRONED, NEGURA BUNGET, THE OCEAN, MUNICIPAL WASTE ... among many other foreign and local great names. In April 1999., band records their first studio demo Shortest Distance From The Truth. Two years after, their potential was recognised and they were invited to pa...

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