There are at least two bands by the name of e.o.s. 1) e.o.s. was a hardcore punk band featuring the members of Die, Emperor! Die! 2) In 1995, the Stochov at the Kladno Band Erosion Of Sanity. After several personnel changes, the group has stabilized since 1996, and the output begins VAT composed Jiri Hudec (g, voc), hereinafter buddy, Martin Cerny (g) and Michal Knotek (dr). The band plays aggressive death metal with elements of thrash metal. A year later, the trio added guitarist Dusan Hora. Since summer 1997, managed to penetrate the Prague rock clubs and on some summer festivals. Musical material from that time was sealed in Hostivař studio demos title Full Of Dirt in January 1999. In the same year, the song E.O.S. Nothing To Say on compilation Volume.1 Inferno. In 2000, leaves the post buddy bass and takes only singing. In place of bass comes Milan Hare, who in earlier times worked with buddy project Astaroth as a guitarist. In April 2001, the band once again resorted to Hostivař studio where he records the second demo image War Game, which is then baptized concert in Kladno club C 19th In 2001, the E.O.S. compete Made In Gambrinus and the quarterfinal round in Teplice and ends as 4 and more exercise. 2002 is mostly performed in clubs and festivals and at the end of this year, there are personnel changes .. The new group is formed until the spring of 2003 when it comes to the place of guitarist and bassist Martin Hasík Roman Velinov Férat of Pilsen. A large shift...

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