1. Under the moniker E.S.P. Daniel Ellington and Tom Adams were producing early Acid House in '86, '87. 2. ESP was an American Power Metal band from Connecticut who appeared on Metal Blade's Metal Massacre VIII with the track Take 'Em Alive in 1987. Their debut and sole album The Future Is Now was released the same year by French label Dream Records. They also had a 5 track demo in 1986. Their melodic sound was similar to that of Queensryche's early works. You can listen to The Future Is Now on Vibrations Of Doom http://www.vibrationsofdoom.com/test/ESP.html. 3. E.S.P Japan Hoppy Kamiyama: piano, prepared piano, synthesizer, samples, percussion, noiz-violin, ems, gram-pot Kazuhisa Uchihashi: snake guitar Kumiko Takara: vibraphone, percussion, toy piano, xylophone Yasuhiro Yoshigaki: drums, percussion Junji Hirose: saxes, self-made noise machine Sakamoto Hiromichi: cello, electric cello, saw Setsuko Chiba: voice Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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