There are more bands with the same name: 1. Electro Team (ET) is an eurodance band from Croatia, active since 1987. 2. E.T. is a 5 member Experimental Alternative group from Macedonia formed in late 2009 mixing noise, shoegaze, math and both dancy post punk tunes. 3. E.T. is also a nerdcore hip-hop artist with this name from Dalton Coffey, Pittsburgh. For him, please fix your tags to Extraordinary Terrestrial! ET's July 1993 single Tek je 12 sati was named by journalists and music critics as Croatia's hit of the decade. E.T. saw their greatest popularity while performing with their former lead singer Vanna, who joined the band in 1991 and left for solo career in 1998. Electro Team was formed in Zagreb in 1987 by Adonis ?ulibrk – Boytronic. At the end of the 80s Sky Rocker and D?real joined the band, but Sky Rocker went to the United States after the war had started. The band had their first public performance in 1989 on Z3 Television (an experimental program on Croatian Television) where they performed “Miami Ladies“ in their own artistic interpretation. At that time, Vanna (Ivana Ranilovi?, today Vrdoljak), their future singer, still wasn't a part of their group. To the present day the band has put out seven studio albums and they are one of the most popular electronic bands in Croatia. The band collaborated with the producer Ilan Kabiljo who at the time had a duet with Ivana Ranilovi? which was called Ilan & Ivana. Ivana soon became a backup singer in ET and this c...

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