E.T. Signal


They come from afar to expand your ears and who are they? E.T. EQ and Tislam time and time were performing together and having a like interest in music, they fomed the group. The name is more than just the first letters of their names. They feel like aliens in the scene of Hip Hop and stand out with their unique style of expression lyrically; but their talent expands beyond just their lyrics. Due to the fact that so many artists follow a set structure of style, they feel like they're from another planet in the scene of Hip Hop. E.T. is boundless in their topics and vocabulary, while still keeping the original BOOM BAP sound they love. They are unlike most others who claim to be of the same art and fashion. E.T. brings a consistent sound tailored to the greats that they grew up on. You get innovative expression of experiences that they have witnessed in their travels both together and separately. They also provide thought-provoking images of real life, ideas of their own. E.T. says It's like no matter how much we go through, when we finally get settled and write, we blink and the song is done. And it’s never just some thrown together garbage. We create quality music that needs to be heard. Even though this group is still fresh they have opened for many well-known underground artists. Such as Stones Throw Records(Madlib, Peanut Butter Wolf, Oh No, Roc ‘C’, MED, Guilty Simpson, J Rocc, Percee P), Karieem Riggins, J-Live, Black Milk, Little Brother, Del The Funky Homosa...

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