1) Electronic Voice Phenomena aka E.V.P. is a German solo-project, which after several years of commitment now released its official debut-cd. The title of this debut-cd for sure indicates the kind of inspiration running through the mind of this composer. The death can’t be cruel and dark enough for E.V.P. and the sounds clearly express the darkest thoughts of this artist. Orchestral arrangements come out of my speakers leading me into an imaginary nightmare of pure horror. The simple force of music has only accentuated this horrible vision. This music progressively evolves moving on the border of Gregorian chants (cf. “Censecration De Profundus”), but only experimenting with more electronic arrangements (cf. “Death Posture Stigmata”) and Eastern atmospheres (cf. “Beltain”). http://www.myspace.com/talktothedead 2) E.V.P (aka EVP - Electronic Virtual Psychedelia) Wildthings Records Live Act, DJ, A&R, 3D Animator. E.V.P has been making psychedelic trance music since 1996,After a few years he Qualified as an RSA approved sound engineer, having studied mixing and mastering of rock music along with synthesis and sequencing using an SSL mixing console and also Macintosh with Logic. After that he has been applying these techniques / skills to produce a high quality finish to the music, also focusing on keeping the music comfortable to listen to at very high levels. The style he is producing is an individual, positive sound that has many twisted electronic sounds but stil...

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