Biography Upcoming New Yorker City native teen pop artist known as The Project E5 is an inventive charismatic performer whose natural gift is being nurtured into perfection. She has even caught the eye of well-known international DJ performer, Jonathan Peters, who stated ecstatically “I love that voice, I must do a remix”. She provide a mix set of uptempo original power Hip pop songs with an underlying edge to acoustic ballads. Her show is completely entertaining with dancers, pop locking, ballet, acrobats and capoeira martial arts, DJ turtablism and a multi lingual repertoire with heavy crossover catchy appeal. E5 aims to be a fashion designer with her sites set on FIT. Currently, E5 is working on EP, promoting her soon to be released single You Watching Me, with upcoming local performances and club dates through out the tristate area in front of capacities crowds that exceed 20,000 - 30,000 in attendance. Her spare time is spent helping to promote the funding arts and music programs in the New York Public Schools and working with non-profit organizations catering to the needs of those diagnosed with cancer. E5 is a huge supporter of the Book Bank Foundation which promotes literacy in urban communities. As a young, premier singer/songwriter, E5 will be combining skills to be the first to surpass the commonly known triple threat to become a singer, dancer, actor, live percussionist, pianist and overall entertainer. She aims to be the first Asian-American teen pop...

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