Eastcide formed in the mid 90's, breaking the mold indefinitely with their heavy sound and undeniable groove. Varying up the metal genre, they were gaining much attention among their peers. By far one of the first bands on the east coast ever to introduce hip-hop into the metal/hardcore scene. Jakob D. with his hard hitting lyrics, and introducing turntablist Markie B. into the band, they were gaining much notice in their local scene. Creating such songs as Glowbox and Uagain, Champy and Ryan's innovative guitar styles were putting them in a status all their own. Later bringing in their astounding drummer Swifty, and bass prodigy Lucas. Eastcide has formed into a force to be reckoned with. Over 20,000 people caught Eastcide at Locobazooka 99 in Worcester, MA. Playing with such acts as Slipknot, Primus, Static-X, Staind, Coal Chamber as well as many other national and local acts. Eastcide's performance blew the crowd away; they were a sure crowd pleaser for fans new and old. Receiving rave reviews from local reporters and radio stations. Eastcide definitely proved their popularity in their local scene. Their fan base is spreading like a virus. Now with their latest effort Timeli(n)e, Eastcide is creating music with such power, that of like they would have never dreamed. Their musical structure keeps on growing as time goes on, better and better for sure. With such songs as Bucolic and Grow High the band is showing a whole new face to their music. Eastcide is blowing up, and ...

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