EAT YOU ALIVE is a alternative metal band from Nagoya, Japan. Originally named as MaveRick, the group began to perform under the name EAT YOU ALIVE on June 8th, 2008. Since the band's name change, both the music and the image of the band have evolved away from the conventional visual kei style. Their new sound and appearance, resembling western nu metal bands, make EAT YOU ALIVE a distinctive band in the visual kei scene. EAT YOU ALIVE disbanded 2013.12.30. Band Members: ヒロ (Hiro) - Vocalist (ex. MaveRick) 亮平 (Ryouhei) - Guitarist (ex. MaveRick) 翔也 (Shouya) - Guitarist (ex. ジュリエット) けんぢ (Kenji) - Bassist (ex. MaveRick) 真 (Makoto) - Drummer (ex. MaveRick) Discography: (2012.07.04) Catedral (2012.04.25) Lily (2011.12.23) INGRAM (2011.08.24) The world is mine (2011.05.01) DARK IN THE NIGHT (2010.12.22) THE REASON (2010.08.25) REVIVE (2010.05.19) Missing you / 暁 (2010.01.27) Coke in a vein (2009.08.26) ATROCITY AND BLUE (2009.08.26) ADULT CHILDREN OF ALCOHOLICS (2008.06.18) JENNIFER/花水木 About releases After their name change, and the release of their first single, JENNIFER/花水木, EAT YOU ALIVE continued touring around Nagoya and Osaka where they played lives steadily through 2009. On June 13th, 2009, the group organized an event where MaveRick performed a one-day comeback live. EAT YOU ALIVE's activities con...

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