EAzY El Loco

Eazy El Loco, born Isai Morales, is a 21 year old college student/rapper/producer/artist. Eazy got started at the age of 13 writing rhymes and free styling with friends in his local Dayton, Ohio neighborhood. He released his first mix tape at the age of 15 during a time when these types of compilations were not considered a very fashionable, modern notion. Sales of his first mix tape continued throughout his high school years without much forewarning of what was to come for Eazy El Loco's music career... Finally starting to take his music seriously at the age of 18, Eazy started doing live performances around the Greater Dayton and Cincinnati areas. The New Kid was released in 2012 as his first official debut album. Musically inspired by artists such as Frank Sinatra and Big Pun, Eazy found a unique way to incorporate the relaxed and smooth styles into the persona of his album, Casual Fridays. Utilizing jazz samples to keep a smooth vibe like Mr. Sinatra and a flow inspired by the smooth talking, Hispanic Big Pun, Eazy certainly captures the great men he admires. His eclectic taste ranges from artists such as Jay-Z, Drake, Tupac, J Dilla, and The Dream to Lykke Li, SBTRKT, Justin Timberlake, and much more. Eazy's creativity and performances underline the joy he finds in his music. Spending most of his time in the studio and on stage, he is constantly focusing on what others can relate to and enjoy as well. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under ...

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