EB11 is here to rock the world with his energetic music. EB11 cranks out pop alt-rock with slices of metal, making for an original sound that carries its own unique voice in the music world. Turning to their Venezuela, Argentina, Italy and Spain heritage, the band EB11 pours out their talent into the groove of music that can't be stopped. Ten Years EB11 has already invested 10 of their very active years to the passion of music. Writing is an irresistible compulsion, born from love, and to be able to record the material he writes for the consumption by an eager public is a dream come true. “My music makes me feel great recording it. As for writing, I just love doing it! It's what I like the most and has been for the past 10 years at least.” says front man and founder of the band Eber C. Pitrelli Fuel It is this undying passion for the chosen outlet of his artistic energy music that provides the bright burning fuel to propel his emotionally rich rock songs. These tunes ripple with excitement and the deep knowledge of the human spirit required to showcase songwriting this strong. Every member of EB11 believes that passion must drive the whole process. Expression Passion for self-expression is also a mammoth factor in the equation that is EB11. The heart that beats with passion often has much that is important to say it is the key to art's triumphant position in mankind's scheme of things. EB11 is riding that flow with all their might. “Music for us is just a way o...

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